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Sometimes things happen that become too much for us or we start feeling as if we don't know who we are anymore. Perhaps we start acting in a way that we are not happy with. Even the strongest of us need help occasionally. Does any of that apply to you?

Are you feeling anxious, stressed, depressed or have you started to feel that you’re not coping as well as you used to? Are you having problems with anger or in relationships? Have you lost a loved one or having to face something really difficult? As a Counsellor, I can help. I can help you see what is happening for you and what you could do to feel better. You can start to feel more in charge of your life again.

For children and teenagers I can help them find a place within where they feel okay and are able to handle situations better. I can tailor the service to suit the individual, to have time for both talking and relaxing if they want to. 

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Therapeutic Counselling in East Kilbride-
Knowledge gives you Choice!

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In therapeutic counselling you will become more aware of what is causing your difficulties. You will start to see what is happening for you and why. When you see the problem in a different light you could also start to see what you can do about it. You can explore what you can do to feel better.

The more aware you become the more you can look at what your options are and make decisions on what you want to do. This process makes you more empowered and puts you more in charge of your situation - rather than the anger, anxiety or hopelessness having control over you.

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Our Counselling

My Goal
For you to feel more empowered and able to handle what life brings you

My Services
Stress management

Children and Young People Service

My Qualifications
BACP Registered
Advanced Diploma accredited by BACP
Working within BACP ethical framework
Listed on the UK Counselling Directory for qualified counsellors only

Connected Kids Level 2

My Motto
To support you with whatever issue you need help with in a way that you feel is right for you.

About the Counsellor


My name is Agnetha Blomberg McCormack, (MBACP). I trained at the College of Holistic Medicine in Glasgow and have an Advanced Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling.

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