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Children & Young People

Everybody needs to be able to express their emotions, but for children and young people that can be really difficult. They might not even have the words to describe how they feel or the emotions are too powerful and frightening. When that happens they might in stead experience physical pain, anxiety, changed behaviour, bad sleep or anger. I offer a chance for children and young people to explore meditation and mindfulness in a way that helps them feel more peaceful and strong within. I can combine this with counselling, if the young person so wishes, and I will tailor the service to best suit the individual for optimal benefit.

Meditation & mindfulness

Sometimes it is the person's behaviour more than anything that shows something is wrong. By exploring meditation and mindfulness the child or young person will learn tools they can take with them in life. Meditation/Mindfulness has shown to improve sleep, build self-esteem, improve focus and concentration, reduce stress and anxiety and much more. For young people counselling can be a step to look at how they can improve their situation, see what is going on for them and explore what they want to do about it. It is a step towards becoming more empowered.

Building confidence

Teens go through a big transition from child to adult and that can cause a lot of issues in itself. Add on pressures from school, peers and family, big decisions to make regarding their future, finding their own person and dealing with everything else life entails and it can become really difficult and stressful. Many issues are also new for them so they have none or little experience in how to deal with them. Through counselling they can find out how they can deal with their issues in a way that helps them grow in confidence and start trusting their own abilities.

Service in East Kilbride

I have trained as a teacher of meditation and mindfulness according to the Connected Kids program. Apart from providing this service based in East Kilbride, I previously also visited the Isle or Arran to to work with children and young people. To find out more or to make an appointment please contact me on 07891 803 519 or email me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.